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Poker hands to play: all you need to know about card combinations

Texas Hold’em or 7 Card Stud? Maybe, 5 Card Draw? Or 3 Card? No matter what exact poker game you take a liking to, all poker performances exceed around majestic cards. No one poker street, no one betting movement is possible without card combinations. They are the essence, the start and the end of all poker rounds. They can lift you up to the world’s poker game heights and then… drop you off with no high hand in a sleeve. Or, on the bright side, to reward you with real dollar chips like torrential rain. During rounds, all your attention is focused only on cards – your own and your opponent’s ones.

As far as your highest aim is combining strong poker hands to play, and at the same time, if you urge to win, the first things you should begin to know about poker are: what is card connection and how the best hands are created. More intriguing: how to grasp a subtle shift between different hands which may lead to countless trophies and those ones which have nothing delightful?

Get down to poker… properly

For your easy wins and not going astray down the starting Flop Vegas streets, we have created an ultimate guide on all sole hands to play in poker. Get to know the most prospective 2 card combinations and don’t slip these chances through your fingers.

  1. Ace+Ace
  2. King + King
  3. Queen+Queen
  4. Jack +Jack
  5. 10+10

If you are a fortunate son who just soaked up the shine of luck and got one of these starting hands – get sure, you have more than 80% to win.

The final decision

Just conceive: you have got an ideal starting hand but you don’t know how to strengthen it. Looks ridiculous, agree? Therefore, knowledge of good starting hands is quite helpful but knowledge of all card combinations that surely bring wins is a must.

Do you see the goal?

Let us be your poker casino agent to walk you through the sparkling poker hands to play gallery.

  • Flush Royal is a shining break in the card clouds. With 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace (all in numerical order and all in the same suit) it occurs only 1 time out of 4164.
  • Straight Flush is the second good combination: even if picture cards are not a must, this poker hand to play also requires all cards to be in a row and in one suit.
  • Four of a Kind: meet the one card value in any suit you like! What about the fifth card? You can pretend it doesn’t exist. King of Diamonds, King of Hearts, King of Clubs, King of Spaces and ghosty 2.
  • Full House: there are three cards of one value and two cards with the other one. Each card is chilling with their siblings. For instance: King, King, King + 2,2.
  • Flush: the combination always pleases eyes with its color unity. You can rack cards of any numbers and pictures in no sequential line but they must share one suit.
  • Straight is a diametrical opposition to Flush: collect cards in different suits, but bring them in numerical order. It can be constructed from 10200 combinations!
  • Three of a Kind: three cards create a hand – three in one value and in different suits (like three card Four of a Kind but Three) and two non paired cards. Example: Hearts King, Diamond King, Cube King, 2, 3.
  • Two Pair: four cards with two values, all in four or fewer suits. Queen + Queen, King + King, and random 2, 3. This outcome occurs 1 time out of 20 deals.
  • One pair: just a pair of cards with one number. The other three cards bring chaos. Any suit. King+King and 2, 7, Ace.
  • High Card: when there are no top poker hands to play, all players assess their hands by the highest card they are dealt.

Taking a seat at a poker table, keep these rewarding poker hands to play in your mind – and you will surely understand what is real poker professionalism.

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