pai gow poker

How to play Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a card game where the player tries to create a combination of five and two cards, which, according to the rules of poker, will have the highest dignity. As you can see from the definition, the player has seven cards in total. The principle of the game is borrowed from the Chinese game Pai Gou, only instead of cards the Chinese used dominoes. The game was invented by Fred Wolf in the United States of America in the early eighties.

The game is played with a 52-card deck. There are no more than six players at the table who play against the dealer . Bets are made based on the limits of this table. Each player receives seven cards that are not shown to the others. After the player has received the cards, he begins to divide them into two parts, which are called the bottom and top. The top contains five cards and the bottom contains the remaining two.

Pai Gow Poker rules

When playing Pai Gow poker, the cards should be divided in such a way that the resulting combinations are obtained, only it should be taken into account that the lower part cannot be a stronger combination in relation to the upper one. That is, this means that if you put a pair in the lower part, and simply the highest card in the upper part, then you will break the rules of the game and this will be counted as a loss to you. After the cards have been divided, all players open them, placing them on a specially designated place on the table.

After that, the dealer opens his cards. He combines cards according to strictly defined rules, not himself. After all the cards on the table are open, they are compared according to the merits of the combinations.

The comparison is made according to the poker rules . The comparison results can be as follows: both combinations of the dealer are higher than both combinations of the player – the player loses; one combination of the dealer is higher than one combination of the player – a draw; both combinations of the dealer are lower than both combinations of the player – the player wins; the dealer’s combination is equal in value to the player’s combination – the dealer wins.

Payments in Pai Gow poker are made as follows: if there is a draw, then the player gets his bet, if the player wins, then the winnings are paid one to one, but minus five percent as a commission.

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